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David Lundberg

David began his commercial real estate brokerage career by raising capital for Morley Properties during the early 1980’s. Following his success at Morley, David opened the Mortgage Fund, where he continued to raise capital and purchase undeveloped land and existing office buildings, businesses and mortgages. During this time, David honed his negotiation skills and acquired several quick oil and lube facilities, one of which was the very first Texaco Express Lube to enter to the central Florida market.

As much as David enjoyed raising capital and purchasing properties, he wanted a greater challenge. In 2006, he founded Commercial Equity Partners and is currently a Managing Partner for the Central Florida commercial brokerage firm. David believes that in both prosperous and tumultuous times, investors deserve to find investment options that offer superior rates of return and stability.

His dedication to his clients is apparent in each client meeting. He surpasses expectations for a commercial real estate broker, and solves problems for his clients. For instance, David’s efforts against environmentally contaminated properties have resulted in “no further action” letters, right of off set and remediation.

David has developed, represented and retained commercial properties, such as office centers and multi-use facilities. Notably, he raised $50M for the Commercial Blvd Park in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and the Maitland Business Park in Central Florida; and bought the rights to the first Texaco Express lube here in Central Florida, which he developed and later sold.

His expertise in underwriting and lending and banking has enabled him to help many businesses and individuals purchase commercial properties.

David is proud to have worked hand in hand with the Baldwin Park Merchants Association to restructure the leases from a majority of the tenants located on main street to reflect a rent that the tenants could pay and stay profitable.

When not serving clients, David gives back to the Central Florida community. For six years, David organized the 5K River Oaks Run, which had raised $100,000 for vulnerable and at-risk children. Currently, he is a Board member for Orlando-based Fresh Start Ministries, and helps individuals with addictions obtain treatment.

A Central Florida native, David has two daughters, both whom he admires greatly.


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