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Greg Kainz

Greg is a managing partner at Commercial Equity Partners, and an expert in the commercial real estate industry.

Greg started as small business owner when he successfully started a graphics company that supported the theme park industry over a decade. After 10 years, Greg sold the business and entered commercial real estate, for he understood the struggles small businesses faced when owning and leasing commercial property.

He entered the industry through banking, first as a Commercial Lender at Citizens & Southern Bank, then at Nations Bank and later Bank of America. Greg gained experience arranging financing for buyers and honed his leadership skills as he managed 25 employees. Greg learned how the banks worked while he represented them at depositions for bank owned properties and as the receiving party for properties going through foreclosure processes.

Greg found that he enjoyed the banking world, although preferred representing businesses. His passion was in commercial real estate and he wanted to work with the Central Florida community in a different way.

Timing was Greg’s friend for he and David Lundberg, a managing partner at CEP, developed a partnership and Greg joined CEP as owner and managing partner.

Since, he has developed multiple commercial properties in Central Florida and around the state and helped numerous businesses find new spaces to better accommodate their needs.

Greg spends most of his time representing working with clients, pairing properties and businesses to make the perfect match, and solving problems with environmentally contaminated properties to obtain no further action letters, right of off set and remediation,

A natural athlete, Greg is a marathon runner. He enjoys the discipline of training and the challenge of the race. He also donates time and money to multiple Central Florida charities, such as UCP of Central Florida, Hubbard house, and Meals on Wheels.

An Orlando, Florida native, Greg grew up in Windermere and graduated from Bishop Moore High School. He attended the University of Florida, where he studied Finance. Greg has 3 kids, whom he loves dearly, and enjoys coaching their football leagues.


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